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*VIDEO* Zion-I’s Hella Fresh Fest 2013

November 22, 2013
San Francisco, CA
By Bryan Nosanchuk

They perform live up and down California regularly, but no show is more special for Zion-I than their own curated Hella Fresh Fest, formally Paid in Full. The party was at the DNA Lounge this year with 2 rooms and stages of performers. The intimate venue really allowed for fans to meet and mix it up with several of the artists. Continue reading

*VIDEO* Zion-I + The Grouch + Eligh LIVE in Oakland “Hit Em”

Oakland, CA

By Bryan Nosanchuk

Zion-I are Oakland legends. Just so happens they often work and collaborate with a couple of other Legends, The Grouch and Eligh from Living Legends. I recognize its a special occasion when Zion-I hook up with The Grouch, but when they also call up Eligh it adds an extra level of hip hop magic that few other groups can create. Continue reading

*VIDEO* Zion-I ShadowBoxing tour at Mezzainine SF


San Francisco, CA

By Bryan Nosanchuk (@BNosanchuk)

Zion-I recently released their seventh album, as a duo, called ShadowBoxing. Here’s some video footage from their San Francisco show at Mezzanine. I’ve been lucky enough to see some pretty awesome bands and emcees here over the years like Ghostface Killah, A-Track, Gossip, Latyrx and the late DJ AM w/ Travis Barker. The local boys had a lot to live up to. Continue reading