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Episode #131 with AJ Kirsch

AJ Kirsch (@AJKirsch)

AJ Kirsch (@AJKirsch)

When AJ Kirsch first called into our Blogtalk show he was fresh off of WWE’s Tough Enough. Some 3 years later a lot has changed within Kirsch’s life and career. While still a pro wrestler his outlook and goals have changed up significantly. Wrestling is still a big part of his life, but his focus has altered from WWE to HoodSlam, a smaller independent company he, and several other active professional wrestlers are passionate that has quickly gained a lot of attention and eyes in the San Francisco bay area. We hear about why he loves Hoodslam so much and how he feels it differs from other independent companies he’s wrestled in before. As longtime fans, both JD and BNos go deep into the wrestling rabbit hole with Kirsch.  Continue reading

*VIDEO* My First UFC Experience (UFC on FOX 7 highlights)

San Jose, CA
By Bryan Nosanchuk

I’ve been a pretty big UFC fan and supporter for many years, and I was able to attend my first live UFC show. They’d come through to Oakland, Sacramento and San Jose in years past but for one reason or another never went to a show. When UFC announced they were returning to the bay area for UFC on FOX 7 I was excited and knew I had to get my tickets to be in the building. Continue reading