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Episode #127 with Shomari Smith, Director of Til Infinity

Shomari Smith @TilInfinityDoc

Shomari Smith @TilInfinityDoc

We had Shomari Smith on the show this episode and we are quite pleased we did. Smith is the director of “Til Infinity” a documentary on the Souls of Mischief and the 20th anniversary of ‘93 Til Infinity, the classic hip hop album. We were pleased to learn a lot more about him and his various artistic talents in addition to filmmaking.

It was fascinating hearing some old Hiero and Souls of Mischief stories from someone who has been so close to the group for so many years, but still being an outsider of sorts. Watching the group grow and evolve from such a close proximity while continuing to build and develop his own craft as an artist himself. We learned just how his relationship and previous work lead up to the decision to create a film about Souls of Mischief. Continue reading

Epsiode #109: Weekly “Get Down” with B-Nos and JD Staley

Episode #109: Weekly “Get Down”  with B-Nos and JD Staley

Come join the circus, as these shallow minds trying to quantify deep thoughts. Good luck with that Boys.

We inform you on the developments of Ghostbusters 3, while checking in on the career progress of the beloved fourth Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson. We also touch on the unforgettable collaboration of television season finale of NCIS-LA and Hawaii 5-0…Wink! This is just the tip of this very cold ice berg.  Continue reading