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Which Los Angeles Team Deserves A Title The Most?

Do either team deserve the Championship?

by Eric Freedlander (@E_Freeds)


As I sit here at the start of May, the city of Los Angeles is a place I want to get to more then ever before. For the first time since the spring of 1993, the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and Kings are all in the playoffs. At the same time, the Dodgers are playing some of their best baseball in the past three years, as they lead the National League West. Thus, as May turns into June, we at Spent Radio wonder, which LA team really deserves a title the most?

Of the four LA based franchises, it would be tough to say that the Lakers deserve another title. As a franchise, the Lakers are one of the best, as they have won 17 NBA titles, which are third most on Sporcle.com “Most Championships by Team” quiz. The Lakers have always been a strong team, as in they have won five of 11 possible championships in this decade alone. In fact, prior to last season’s Miami Heat v Dallas Mavericks final, the Lakers led by the legendary Kobe Bryant, had been featured in three consecutive NBA finals appearances, winning two. In other words, if there is one team that doesn’t need another title, it is the Lakers. Continue reading