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Episode #130 with Infinite and Soulati

Soulati (@teeshep) and Infinite (@emceeinfinite)

Soulati (@teeshep) and Infinite (@emceeinfinite)

We were joined by both Infinite and Soulati in this episode. Both are long time collaborators and members of Felonious, bay area’s live hip-hop music and theater collective. Infinite has called into our show in the past, but this was our first opportunity to connect face to face with him and close friend and band mate Soulati. Both perform as emcees within Felonious in addition to being the two beat boxers within the group. While Felonious, as a group, has stopped performing live as often as they once did, Infinite and Soulati continue to create their own music and art; often working with each other still.  Continue reading

*VIDEO* Infinite LIVE at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco

By Bryan Nosanchuk

July 21, 2013
San Francisco, CA

As a long time Felonious fan I was not going to miss out on Infinite’s first show as a solo artist. I’ve seen Infinite live in a few different capacities over the years including freestyle rap battles, beat boxing performances and with his band, Felonious. He called out to several of his musical contemporaries for their added performance support and it made for an incredibly memorable night.

All footage was shot on my iPhone 4s.