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*VIDEO* Zion-I’s Hella Fresh Fest 2013

November 22, 2013
San Francisco, CA
By Bryan Nosanchuk

They perform live up and down California regularly, but no show is more special for Zion-I than their own curated Hella Fresh Fest, formally Paid in Full. The party was at the DNA Lounge this year with 2 rooms and stages of performers. The intimate venue really allowed for fans to meet and mix it up with several of the artists. Continue reading

Episode #128 with Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh @Kabeezy

Kabir Singh @Kabeezy

The crew packed up and made the trip out to good old Pleasanton to Tommy T’s Comedy Club to podcast with stand-up comic Kabir Singh. For longtime SPENTRadio fans you may remember Singh from our early blogtalkradio days, but this is the first time we’ve connected face to face.

JD got some great sports talk in with Singh, a big sports fan himself, which was a cool opportunity for them; JD doesn’t get much sport talk in with BNos nor BVan. We also talked about WWE and Night of Champions. Kabir has got some very passionate thoughts about some of the talent he believes are the future of professional wrestling. Continue reading