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*VIDEO* DJ Nu-Mark at the 45 Sessions in San Francisco

September 15, 2013
San Francisco, CA

By Bryan Nosanchuk

The 45 Sessions brought in DJ Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5) back to town for a special edition of the 45 Sessions. Usually held in Oakland, the crew crossed over the (NEW) Bay Bridge and brought the party to the Puma Yard at the America’s Cup Pavilion in San Francisco. Continue reading

Episode # 116 with DJ Platurn

DJ Platurn (@Platurn)

DJ Platurn (@Platurn)

We were happy and pleased to welcome back to SPENTRadio, DJ Platurn (@Platurn). It’d been a while since we’d spoken to Platurn back when we were on Blogtalkradio.

We talked a little fallout and follow up from the Tribe Called Quest doc and another project in the works from a producer on that film. He gave us some very candid opinions on some celebrity DJs as well as the all the new “button pushers and knob twisters” calling themselves DJs. First Friday Oakland Art Crawl and the recent tragedy. We talk about his response and call to arms of the local people responsible for Oakland nightlife and community.

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