Our Team

“This is what Smart looks like!”

Bryan “B-Knows” Nosanchuk- HOST and Producer

The SF State graduate is a very busy fella between video production by day, and Concert hopping around the Bay by night. A veteran fan behind the scenes of the sacred Art/Entertainment…Wrestling. Always armed with the latest knowledge throughout the entire spectrum of the business of entertainment.

He also helps keep hundreds of folks up to date with the latest albums dropping and who’s performing in your backyard on a Thursday night. The Hip Hop Shop segment will keep you up on the latest grind of your favorite personalities.

You can keep up wit “B-Knows” at:





Resident Know-it-All

JD Staley – HOST and Producer

Mr. Staley loves to give his two cents to anyone bored on enough not to run away. Now he has a forum with several of his old friends in an effort to help dumb you down with utter nonsense. Apparently watching a ton of sports on TV, and possessing a solid skill set at using Google Search, grants me a chance to babel into a microphone with my worthless opinions.

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Brian Vanek (@BVan3d)

Brian Vanek (@BVan3d)

Brian Vanek- Tech Producer and Co-Host, GoPro Fanatic

Born and raised in the Northern California east bay area  and with a Bachelors Degree in commercial cinematography from Brooks institute of photography Bvan loved to get down in the editing suite on his custom Hackentosh. From live action (sports/events), commercials, music videos, narratives to sexy model studio portraiture product photography.

Formerly of the Cameron pace group (cameronpace.com) as a 3D technition, manufacture and resident photographer, he moved back home to the bay area to create a name and establish a production presence.

Find and follow BVan:




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