Episode #132 Hiero Day 2014


HieroDay Logo2014SPENTRadio returned to Hiero Day for our second consecutive year (It’s the 3rd annual Hiero Day) to get some podcast action in. We were so excited to return after such a successful event and podcast in 2013. We were fortunate enough to have ample recording space over in the media area and the event’s organizers had scheduled several artists/performers time to meet with us and other media outlets.

First up was METHUZULAH from Atlanta. JD nor I were familiar with him, but we quickly learned about his project with Casual and how he ended up getting to Hiero Day. Next up were Bay Area staples Bored Stiff who were making a rare reunion appearance in Oakland. Equipto has kept himself plenty busy, but we were able to catch up with the rest of the group. Adrian Younge was a huge highlight for us, especially after seeing him and his group Venice Dawn for the first time the previous year.

We caught up with long time friend of the show and Baylien, Zyme (formally known as Enzyme Dynamite) and reminisced about that one time that Eminem copied our internet video we created together. Shomari Smith, the director of the “Til Infinity” documentary about the story of Souls of Mischief stopped by to tell us about his newest film “Casual vs. Saafir: The Battle” that was also being shown elsewhere at the festival.

Fashawn told us about how he’s keeping things alive in the Fresno with his Grizzlyfest event.

Golden State Warriors DJ and one of the only other artists to appear and perform at each Hiero Day stopped by looking for some tacos, but it gave us a chance to catch up with him. We were joined during this interview buy Zion-I crew’s Zumbi and we got a little history lesson about how they first met back in the day.

We finished up with our media tent partner, Dr. Post-A-Lot who had some really interesting things to say about how social networking and twitter were playing a part in the day’s celebrations. We capped off with another impromptu interview with theMTV Raps’ Ed Lover who was out as one of the day’s hosts.

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