Episode #125 with Deuce Eclipse

Deuce Eclipse @deuceeclipse

Deuce Eclipse @deuceeclipse

Deuce Eclipse came out to the SPENT compound to “get down” with us. BNos first saw Eclipse perform along Zion-I years ago and has followed his artistic career since. As with several of our guests so far we knew him from seeing and chatting briefly at shows and events, but we wanted to get to know him better as he’s got a great story of his own.

It was great hearing him tell us stories of an important trip to Europe that seemed to have a great impact on Eclipse and his future. While I knew he worked closely with the Zion-I crew I was surprised to discover just how long he and Zumbi from Zion-I have known each other and the extent of their friendship. It was also very cool to hear about his current work and major focus, Bang Data and exactly how that came to fruition including some early involvement from AmpLive from Zion-I and Dave Lopez from Flipsyde.

We also got to know about some of his interests outside of music including movies and comedy. We all agreed that early George Lopez was pretty awesome, but we’ll all pass on Carlos Mencia.

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