Episode #123 with Sammy Obeid

Sammy Obeid (@SammyObeid)

Sammy Obeid (@SammyObeid)

How many consecutive days have you worked at your job, including weekends and holidays? Sammy Obeid has been performing stand up comedy sets for 900 consecutive nights (when we caught up with him) and is on his way to surpassing 1000 nights of comedy! He was cool enough to invite us down to Tommy T’s in Pleasanton, CA for his show and to podcast with us.

Sammy was a call in guest during our BlogTalkRadio days, but since then both JD and BNos had wanted to connect with for a show face to face. He shared some of his most memorable stories from his first 900 days including when he originally thought he’d broken the record around day 365, but finding out the unfortunate news for him that Hal Sparks had performed for two years straight, Sammy set his goal even higher at 1000 days. We also heard about his memorable audition experience for America’s Got Talent last year; a very interesting first person perspective about the entire process and what he went through.

We also got an opportunity to chat with another local comic, Tramane Webb. Webb was the feature act that night and we were able to get to know him a little better. There were a couple other comics that we weren’t really feeling, but we all laughed through Webb’s feature set. I was surprised to learn that he’s only been doing standup for about three years.

Tramane Webb

Tramane Webb

We closed the show with Sammy and learned about some of his experiences and what its been like now living full time in Los Angeles and what it’s been like working his way through the thick comedy scene. Some of our other favorite podcasts are hosted and produced by comics down in LA, so we hear some of their stories and experiences through their shows, but it was great to hear Sammy’s experience thus far.

#900; Sammy @ Tommy T's

#900; Sammy @ Tommy T’s

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